This is the report for the time since the last deadline.

I successfully passed my exams at the university, but I did not have a university stipend :(

For last period I did:

  • I began to study MongoDB
  • Rewrote the backend to work with MongoDB. Now backend can write information about the system and about tools in Mongo
  • Also backend is able to give aggregated information about user systems for the frontend
  • I made a system for collecting information about the tools that the user uses
  • Wrote tests to test this system


  • Rewrite the frontend from javascript to python-django(Kde recommendation)
  • Make an asserts collection system

Why do I deviate from my plan in the proposal? As a result of discussions of the work plan with the mentor, it was decided that you need to write server-side now. Therefore, I did some of the work that I planned to do in August. Therefore the terms described in the proposal are slightly shifted. I plan to do server-side earlier than complete the system for collecting information about tools